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Technology is making the world smaller and providing schools and libraries with easier access to a kaleidoscope of education and online resources. Where in the past, rural schools and libraries faced challenges to keep up with the rest of the world; today being remote no longer equals being disconnected. Reliable broadband provides rural communities with access to resources that can dramatically improve the quality of education. Districts and libraries are in a position to seize control of their progress, take advantage of today’s technology, and provide outstanding opportunities for their students and patrons.

At SchoolAccess, we deliver a suite of services that innovatively uses technology and close-knit community support to advance student learning and support the rural education paradigm. Our services are modular and adaptable, allowing you to design the best solutions for your students, teachers, staff, and patrons.

Surviving and thriving in a rural environment takes strength, character, and creativity. We embrace these qualities and see them demonstrated in the innovative ways that schools and libraries are using our services everyday to provide quality education and access to the world.


SchoolAccess Connections is a collection of powerful, E-rate eligible services that grow your network by expanding access to resources throughout your community and optimizing traffic based on your needs.


SchoolAccess Essentials ensures your network is reliable, flexible, and safe, while fully supporting your education and technology requirements.

Hosted Services

SchoolAccess Hosted Services is an education-focused cloud platform that includes video, email, Web hosting, and content management services.

  • "Our goals are never about the technology, but about instruction using technology in a variety of ways. GCI has been flexible and responsive enough to support our instructional integration as we have grown and changed as an organization."

    - John Concilus, Director of Educational Technology, Bering Strait School District