GCI Network

An Alaska Network Second to None

Modular, state-of-the-art core

Built with best-in-class, cutting edge technologies from leading manufacturers, the SchoolAccess core is modular and scalable—core switching, firewall services, server infrastructure, and WAN terminations are separate, so we can add to the network incrementally to support many different kinds of connections.

Highest capacity Internet out of Alaska

GCI’s Internet connection out of Alaska is the biggest and fastest of any in-state provider--over 80Gbps to five Tier-1 providers in the Lower 48, including dedicated connections to Microsoft and Google.

High reliability and availability

Our networks are designed from the ground up to be highly reliable and available--all core infrastructure features and components include automatic failover and notification of equipment failures. There is complete, geographically diverse fiber connectivity in and out of Alaska including diverse connectivity between our redundant core facilities.

Network Expansion

TERRA is GCI's expansion effort to deliver Terrestrial for Every Rural Region of Alaska, providing a next-generation communications network for remote and rural areas of Alaska.

  • TERRA is a hybrid fiber optic and microwave network that removes the limitations of satellite service and provides symmetrical broadband service.
  • Currently serves 72 villages with more than 49,000 residents in mostly Alaska Native communities
  • Provides a direct, land-based connection to Anchorage, the global fiber optic backbone, and the Internet.
  • Serves numerous public/nonprofit/private entities such as school districts, regional health corporations, and native organizations.

  • "Our goals are never about the technology, but about instruction using technology in a variety of ways. GCI has been flexible and responsive enough to support our instructional integration as we have grown and changed as an organization."

    - John Concilus, Director of Educational Technology, Bering Strait School District