Much More Than a Service Provider

The SchoolAccess team works hard to provide students with an equal opportunity to learn, regardless of geography or economics, using technology that supports 21st century education. Because of each team member’s extensive experience in education, we all understand the importance of developing and maintaining active roles in a wide variety of education communities and organizations. With the participation of Pam Lloyd (SchoolAccess Senior Director) in a variety of enrichment programs and associations and the entire team’s contributions to many different events, sponsorships and scholarships, we try to do much more for education than simply provide Internet and distance learning services.

Board and Advisory Memberships

Sponsorships and Scholarships

We're proud to support these and other organizations in their pursuit of educational excellence.

  • "Our goals are never about the technology, but about instruction using technology in a variety of ways. GCI has been flexible and responsive enough to support our instructional integration as we have grown and changed as an organization."

    - John Concilus, Director of Educational Technology, Bering Strait School District