GCI SchoolAccess provides broadband access, video conferencing, and state-of-the-art digital tools used for high-quality content to schools and libraries in rural and underserved regions of the United States. Founded and developed by experienced educators, the SchoolAccess services help you create a highly interactive, rewarding, learning environment. Because our goal is to ensure that children have the tools they need today to prepare them for their future tomorrow, regardless of their zip code, we also actively participate in many education and professional organizations that advocate for equitable broadband access for all students.

GCI launched SchoolAccess in 1997 to help schools and libraries in rural communities prepare for lifelong success in an increasingly interconnected, global economy. We now focus exclusively on the K-12 school and library environments and serve more than 100,000 students and library patrons. Our SchoolAccess Video service logs more than 2.25 million minutes each year in Alaska, New Mexico, and Montana. We are proud that together with our customers, our original vision is now our reality.

  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Our team of professionals are experienced educators and technologists who work closely with our customers, including teachers, librarians, students, technicians, and administrators to make sure our services match the unique education and infrastructure needs of each school, library, and classroom. more›

  • History


    SchoolAccess was an initiative, beginning in 1997, with the purpose of bringing internet access to as many rural communities as possible by building infrastructure to give previously disadvantaged students access to broadband and advanced communication tools. more›

  • GCI Network

    GCI Network

    We deliver GCI SchoolAccess services over the most robust, flexible, extensive infrastructure in Alaska. more›

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    See the latest news from SchoolAccess, spotlights on success and education technology, and highlights of what matters to schools in Alaska and rural America. more›

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    Read what our customers and partners in the education and technology industry are saying about SchoolAccess. more›

  • SchoolAccess in Action

    SchoolAccess in Action

    It's all about what inspires us every day – SchoolAccess in action, bringing the latest technology and education content to schools and libraries to help make all kinds of new learning and teaching happen! more›

  • Advocacy


    The SchoolAccess team prides themselves in working with our customers to ensure we are aligned and advocating for programs and organizations that matter. more›

  • "Our goals are never about the technology, but about instruction using technology in a variety of ways. GCI has been flexible and responsive enough to support our instructional integration as we have grown and changed as an organization."

    - John Concilus, Director of Educational Technology, Bering Strait School District