Dr. Pam Lloyd

Vice-President, GCI Healthcare and Education

The main inspiration for all Pam’s work in education is to advocate for broadband access to underserved rural schools and communities. Toward that end she has contributed much of her time and expertise to a variety of state and national organizations advocating for broadband equity. Now a widely respected strategist and visionary in her field, she has earned the trust and respect of many other education leaders in Alaska and the Lower 48.

Responsibilities: As Vice President, Pam Lloyd provides the strategic product development and management for GCI Education. She works with industry leaders as well as school administrators to focus on priorities for students, teachers, and libraries. Pam is responsible for the strategic direction of GCI Education and through her leadership and advocacy she creates a vision for the team.

Experience: Prior to joining GCI, Pam worked with the Anchorage School District (ASD) for 15 years. As ASD's K-12 Instructional Technology Coordinator, Pam provided technology support, resources, and opportunities for teachers and students in 103 schools. In her tenure as an administrator with ASD, Pam led the Technology Teacher Leader program at ASD She also spent a significant amount of time in the classroom as an elementary teacher and as a middle school technology coordinator, where she gained a hands-on understanding of the technology needs of students and educators.

Pam has held a number of leadership positions, including Vice President, United States Academic Decathlon, President, Alaska Academic Decathlon, former Chairman of the Board for the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration, and former President, Alaska Society for Technology in Education. She is the recipient of the International Society for Technology in Education Making IT Happen Award. She is an author, speaker, and presenter at state, national, and international venues.

Pam regularly presents at industry events, locally, nationally, and internationally, on topics ranging from equitable broadband access for students, unified communications and collaboration, real-time/real-world problem-based learning through 1:1 devices to digital leadership. Dr. Lloyd has been a college instructor on the use of educational technology and literacy, and co-published a 1:1 Guide Book for Leaders.

Pam is a leader in Alaska's distance learning community, representing the ASD in the AK20 and Alaska Distance Education Consortium. She was a member of the K12 Online Teachers forum hosted through the Northwest Education Technology Consortium. She has been involved with the Alaska Learning Network with the Department of Education, and has served on various state-wide committees involving distance learning and career technical education.

Education: Pam has a Ph.D. in transformational leadership in the digital age from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and a M.Ed. in Education Leadership with a Type B Certificate, and B.Ed. from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She also has an Educational Technology Endorsement from the University of Alaska Southeast.


Vice-President, GCI Healthcare and Education