Jason Tomberlin

Director, GCI Education

Jason is responsible for all facets of GCI’s education group. He oversees all that GCI does for education throughout Alaska. His last 18 years of professional experience has been providing support, design, engineering, and technical consulting for and around education. He is excited to be partnering with educators to empower students for success through the technology and resources that GCI can provide.

Responsibilities: Jason is your advocate and resource, leveraging his extensive experience with network design and planning in rural Alaska to help you achieve your education goals. Prior to this position, he was the primary SchoolAccess Network Engineer where his responsibility was the design and implementation of SchoolAccess services. He played an integral role in the creation of the SchoolAccess service delivery core, the foundation for all of SchoolAccess' advanced services.

Experience: Jason has more than 18 years of Information Technology experience, predominantly from telecommunication companies in Alaska. He has been working with school districts and libraries throughout Alaska for the past twelve years and is intimately familiar with the particular challenges associated with providing services to rural Alaska. Jason came to GCI from Corecom where he worked as a Network Administrator for their Rural Alaskan School Internet platform. Jason has been on board with GCI since September of 2003, when he served as the WirelessNet Network Administrator.


Manager, Sales Engineer