Art Behm

Senior Manager, Sales

As the GCI Education team’s first point of escalation for sales, product and contract issues, Arthur Behm focuses on customer satisfaction while actively advocating for customer needs within GCI Education.

Responsibilities: As a Senior Manager, Art has represented the sales initiatives within GCI Education in Alaska since the program's inception and has increased his knowledge of what the Alaskan marketplace wants over the years.

Experience: Art has more than 30 years of telecommunications experience, all in Alaska. His experience ranges from representing major telephone interconnect companies and satellite equipment manufacturers, to spending the past 22 years with GCI in several expanding positions focusing on data networking and, most recently, in rural services. Art's success and the overall success of GCI Education in Alaska are indicative of GCI's focus on Alaska and the unique customers it serves.

Education: Art has a M.S. in Telecommunications Management from Alaska Pacific University and a B.S. from Michigan State in Business Administration.


Senior Manager, Sales