• Success Story: Broadband Links Alaska Library Users to a Wider World

    High-speed Internet systems designed and built by GCI help turn libraries into learning hubs. more›

  • Success Story: GCI Supports Interactive Books for Alaska Students

    Broadband service and support powers innovative project to teach and preserve Native Alaska languages with digital technology. more›

  • Success Story: GCI SchoolAccess and JEDC Bring FIRST LEGO League to Alaska’s Students

    FIRST is a program intended to excite students about science and technology, and teach critical-thinking, team-building and presentation skills by introducing kids to real-world engineering challenges. more›

  • Success Story: KIBSD and AKTEACH Making Globalized Education Happen through Digital Connection

    GCI SchoolAccess has helped KIBSD implement a synchronized learning approach by providing highly qualified instruction to all students in the district. more›

GCI SchoolAccess connects you to the world.

We understand schools and libraries need access to advanced technology and digital tools for learning. Being an education partner, we understand the need for high-speed networks and high-quality content--to prepare ALL students and patrons for success in a global economy. Our team of experienced educators and technicians is dedicated to delivering a wide array of services and technical support that meet the unique needs of each classroom and library.

  • Our Team

    Our team of professionals are experienced educators and technologists who work closely with our customers, including teachers, librarians, students, technicians, and administrators to make sure our services match the unique education and infrastructure needs of each school, library, and classroom. more›

  • Advocacy

    The SchoolAccess team prides themselves in working with our customers to ensure we are aligned and advocating for programs and organizations that matter. more›

  • GCI Network

    We deliver GCI SchoolAccess services over the most robust, flexible, extensive infrastructure in Alaska. more›

  • Services

    For nineteen years our team has been responding to the individual education needs of each school we serve. That’s why we listen carefully before proposing anything - and why we offer a full suite of highly adaptable infrastructure and communication services. more›

Celebrating over nineteen years with our schools and libraries, we continue to be inspired by our original mission to provide geographically isolated locations with broadband network access, necessary to transform the learning experience. We continue to explore and learn from all of our customers so that our students, teachers, and patrons have access to the many new and exciting opportunities available online.